Alert Me Bands - The Story Behind Us

What was meant to be a fun and low key outing to the Georgia Aquarium with our three children at the time ages 2.5 and 13 mo old twins turned into an event we will never forget! Yes, we do have three kids to chase but the twins were in their stroller so this could have happened to us with just one child to look after.  Our oldest son was in one of the many caves within an exhibit playing with the other kids but soon we realized one by one the others came out and our son did not.  We peeked inside and he was gone!  How did that happen?  We were standing right there, watching the whole time except for a minute when we were distracted by the twins throwing their bottles.  Well it just takes that one minute and our son was missing.  In complete in total panic we ran around the Aquarium yelling for our son, 18 minutes went by and no sign of him….heart pounding and fear in my eyes I see a mom in the distance holding the hand of my son walking around asking…”Whose child is this?”  I exclaimed …”Mine!!!” Turns out my son had taken the elevator (at the time he was fascinated by pushing the button) and actually rode the elevator to a different level of the Aquarium!  Unbelievable! When he got off the elevator a mom noticed he rode it by himself and immediately asked him if he was lost.  Well my son was too young to communicate or even know that he was lost. Thankfully she took him by the hand and started her search to find me.  She told me she had been searching for at least 15 minutes which means he really was only alone for about 3 minutes.

That night I relived that experience, that horrific feeling of 18 minutes passing that felt like thousands, I couldn’t shake how scary it felt and how I wanted to do something, anything that could help prevent this from happening again.  I couldn’t stop thinking that if it was my dog that had been found three minutes after he was lost that I would have received a call sooner than the 15 minutes it took for me to be reunited with my child!  We tag our pets with our phone numbers, and our luggage for that matter…and because of those tags the ‘finder’ has the info needed to reunite the dog to its owner faster than this woman could do with my child!  I scoured the internet for solutions to tag my child with my phone number so that if my child was wearing my contact information the woman would have seen it and called me right away shortening the agony I went through during my frantic search for my child.  Sure there are solutions out there but none were the right fit, they were either disposable and easily mistaken for a wristband that could be entry into the attraction, or they could be easily removed by a child, or a tattoo that is not a good solution for a hot, pool day where it will rub off, or they were unattractive with a little label that required you to hand write your phone number; and on top of all of this most were not economical for everyday wear or every weekend wear.

I wanted something that would last, something that my child would be excited to wear (like firetrucks!), something that my child wouldn’t be able to take off during a meltdown moment, something that did not include my child’s name on it for safety reasons, something that was obvious of its intent as a ‘who to call in an emergency’ indicator and most importantly something that was adjustable so that my child could wear it on top of his big puffy outercoat (because otherwise what is the point if you are at an outdoor event and the wristband is hidden by the child’s coat?). Well the wristband I wanted for my three children simply did not exist so we decided to create what we call Alert Me Bands.  We couldn’t be more proud of our Patent Pending invention that serves so many purposes! Whether your child goes missing, is hurt, is at a drop-off birthday party and misbehaving, etc. the wristband can communicate who to call when your child can’t (whether it be because they are too young, too scared, too shy, unable or just simply won’t).