“My wife and I were fast asleep when the phone rang…”

Ray, is the father of an 11-year-old boy with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder). 

When it comes to handling and caring for a child who elopes frequently, Ray has a decade of experience and knowledge

This includes installing a home security system (meant for intruders).

A precautionary measure due to his child’s insistent and consistent urges to bolt away from his home through the years. 

Something that gave Ray and his wife a bit of anxiety, a few major scares, and a hint of frustration. 

But nothing prepared him and his wife for the phone call they got in the middle of that fateful night. 

It was the night that…

“My child disabled the alarm before opening the door. Sometimes, he is too smart for his own good.”


It was 3 am Ray and his wife were deep asleep when the phone started blaring…

It was the NYPD on the other line. 

And what the officer said stunned the couple: 

“Your child was seen running back and forth in his pajamas by two men smoking outside a local bar.”
That local bar the officer spoke of, was miles away from their home.
Their child was a mile and a half away from their home, and the parents didn’t even know it.

“You can pick your child up here at the police station.”  The officer said to Ray. 

The officer also added…

“The people who saw your child running were drunk…”
“Good thing they managed to spot the ID wristband on your son and realize he has ASD.”
“They saw your phone number on his band and called us at the station immediately.”

ID Alert Band is an obvious precaution for any parent to take. 

And it goes double for parents like Ray, who have children with ASD. 

What would you do if you saw a 5’3 male running around or sitting on a curve in the middle of the night? 

Most would just chalk it up to teenagers being teenagers, walk on by, and mind their own business. 

Who knows what those alcohol-infused patrons at that bar would’ve done to Ray’s 11-year old (5 ft & 3 inches) child. 

But astonishingly, despite the bar patrons’ dizzy beer gazes…

They were still able to recognize that the child was wearing an Alert Me Band.

Making the bar patrons recognize that the child has a special condition (reason for the child’s unusual actions).

They soon escorted Ray’s child to a nearby police station.

And thanks to the child’s Alert Me Band, it did not take long for the officers to get in touch with Ray on the phone.

The Alert Me Bands the child was wearing was the difference between the child being forever traumatized due to being heckled by drunken men outside a bar
To Ray, being reunited with his child (unharmed nor bullied) 4–5 hours earlier than if the child wasn’t wearing his Alert Me Bands.

Alert Me Bands are designed to be noticed. 

That’s why we didn’t spare any resources…

and had them hand-made here at AMB’s production center in Atlanta, GA.

This ensures the quality (it will never break)…

The accuracy of the details (we triple check the info provided to us)…

And most importantly, be visible and readable… even for men/women wearing beer goggles. 

But when Ray arrived at the police station, he encountered yet another surprise…

“I didn’t know what to expect when I came down to the police station.”

Not everyone is sympathetic to the difficulties of raising an autistic child. 

And Ray seriously thought he was going to be spending the night at the station…

…explaining and defending that he is NOT an “Irresponsible Parent”.

Something he thought the NYPD would label him with due to the incident that occurred. 

But instead…

The police officer told Ray what he already knew… 

“Things would have been much worse, Ray, if your son hadn’t been wearing his Alert Me Band that night.”
“And we’re glad we have parents such as yourself who are on top of these kinds of situations.”

The last thing that Ray, was expecting from the NYPD, was to be commended by them (for the precautionary measures he took to ensure his child’s safety).

The last thing that you’d want to happen to YOUR child (with ASD) is to be mistaken for a rebellious youngster…

…a kid who’s trying to raise hell… running around back and forth on the streets in his pajamas like crazy!

And the last type of place and people you’d want to see your child doing that is outside a bar in front of drunken men.

Ray’s story is not the first incident (nor the last) of a child with ASD wandering at night.

Like Ray, most parents of children with ASD underestimate their child’s abilities.

Ray encapsulated it well when he told us – “…he’s too smart for his own good.”

And something as simple as making your child wear an Alert Me Band can be the difference between being notified in mere minutes of his/her whereabouts/condition…

To spending the longest 4-5 hours of your life wondering where your precious child may be.

No, don’t you put this off for later or tomorrow. 

Tomorrow’s a mystery and you can’t prepare, control, or predict it.

To avoid your child’s whereabouts becoming a mystery for 4-5 hours, do the responsible thing… 

Do what hundreds of thousands of parents, like what Ray did…

Take responsibility for your child’s safety…

 and get your child his/her Alert Me Band now! 

Alert Me Bands are the only Child ID Wristbands that cater to children like Ray’s child or children with ASD or with special needs.

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