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Erica McMillan Invents the #1 Must-Have for Kids’ Safety: Alert Me Bands

Every river has its source, and every great story has a beginning. Every success story was once a fairy tale or a dream. Someone’s desire to dare and act on their dreams makes even their wildest visions come to life. 

Erica McMillan is a notable serial entrepreneur, artist, and branding entrepreneur with a profound passion for whatever she does. Erica is the founder of Alert Me Bands and one of the daring personalities who dreamed, dared, and acted. Alert Me Bands is a must-have safety product that communicates for you when you can’t. 

The idea to establish Alert Me Bands came about after Erica’s missing child experience, which sparked a need to create a unique, durable, and customized solution. This happened during a family outing to the Georgia Aquarium. Erica’s oldest child, only 2 at the time, was playing in an exhibit cave with friends, but after the other children came out from the cave, Erica realized that her son was not with them. Erica and her husband searched the aquarium for almost 20 minutes in a complete panic. Fortunately, the long search ended after a parent noticed their son riding the elevator to different levels in the aquarium.  

Erica recounts it as the scariest experience of her life, one she wishes no parent will ever face. “That night, I relived that experience, with a horrific feeling of 18 minutes passing that felt like thousands; I couldn’t shake how scary it felt and how I wanted to do something, anything that could help prevent this from happening again. I couldn’t stop thinking that if my dog had been found three minutes after he was lost, I would have received a call sooner than the 15 minutes it took for me to be reunited with my child! We tag our pets with our phone numbers and our luggage, for that matter, and because of those tags, the ‘finder’ has the info needed to reunite the dog with its owner faster than this woman could do with my child,” Erica explains. 

Erica purchased every kids id bracelet available online only to be disappointed after her son would immediately remove it from his wrist. She knew that what she needed to keep her son safe, didn’t exist – so she decided to create it. After months of research and prototypes, the first ever childproof ID wristband was born; Alert Me Bands. Erica created a patent-pending invention that serves so many purposes and has turned into a product that thousands of parents have not only purchased but remain loyal customers who take responsibility for their child’s safety with the Alert Me Band. If you visit the Alert Me Bands Facebook Page, you will see first-hand over 80k+ thousand happy customers that rely on Alert Me Bands for not only peace of mind, but for communicating critical information, creating awareness for special needs, medical conditions, and allergy alerts. There is a reason Alert Me Bands have a customer retention rate of over 95%, they are just that popular with parents and children alike.

Alert Me Bands are designed for comfort even for the most tactile sensitive kids. They are chew-proof, durable, adjustable, and water-safe, as well as being customizable and childproof-and they are made by hand by a team of moms living in Georgia. Since their market inception, Alert Me Bands have been consistently voted the greatest must-have for child safety. It’s also the only fully customizable childproof emergency wristband that not only communicates who to call in an emergency, but also communicates medical, allergy, and special needs alerts. 

Alert Me Bands offer parents less worry, knowing that all critical information, including emergency contact numbers, is visible at all times. The band also creates awareness, resulting in kinder hearts, greater understanding, and acceptance from others.